Henry’s Journal

The Victoria Regional History Center is pleased to present the digitized newspaper articles of Henry Wolff, JrWolff was a journalist for the Victoria Advocate for thirty years until his retirement in 2009.  His “Henry’s Journal” column recounted stories of the people, places and events of South Texas, both past and present.

In 2012, a collaborative effort was begun between Linda Wolff and staff at the VC/UHV Library.  With the help of volunteers, Linda began to scan the over 7,000 “Henry’s Journal” articles authored by her husband.  In turn, the library is placing the digitized articles on its website along with other digital collections from the History Center.  So far, nearly 1,500 “Henry’s Journal” articles are online and fully searchable.

From the tales told to him by the thousands of people Henry Wolff interviewed through the years and from his own observations and experiences, a wealth of stories emerge from his writings.  Written in a light-hearted, down-home style, the articles illustrate the unique character of the South Texas region and the unpretentious, imaginative, and inventive qualities of its inhabitants.

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