Victoria County Court Cases

The Victoria Regional History Center has over 125 cubic feet of Victoria County criminal and civil court records dating from as early as 65465468746871839 to about 1968.  These historically valuable, inactive records include record books, dockets, fee books, minutes, final records, and case files from the offices of the District and County clerks and the Justice of the Peace. They contain many primary source materials that are useful for historical and genealogical research and add depth and substance to the history of the region.

As a Regional Historical Resource Depository (RHRD) of the Texas State Library, the VC/UHV Library received these records from Victoria County in 1979.  The civil and criminal case papers arrived boxed as individual packets of documents, secured with string or inside an envelope and labeled by case number, and or date, and case name.  These packets are the loose documents and copies of the important papers of the cases.

In 2007, the History Center began a project to process and to index these case papers in order to preserve them and to make them more accessible to researchers.   Each packet of paper records was unfolded, placed in an archival folder, and indexed by case name and number, date, and archival box location.  The index was added to our webpage in 2008-2009 and is updated as we process more records.  While the project is ongoing, to date, we have processed over 105 cubic feet of these case papers.

You can search the Victoria County Court Cases on the Victoria Regional History Center website.

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