Welcome to a New Semester!

All of us at the VC/UHV Library want to wish all of the students at huge WELCOME to the new semester. We could not be more excited that you decided to join us. It is going to be an exciting semester and we look forward to seeing you around campus.

keep-calm-and-ask-librarianSome of you have been here before but some of you are new. Either way, we know that there are some basic questions you might have about the library and hopefully we will answer them here.

What are the library hours? We are open Monday – Thursday 7:45 AM – 10:00 PM; Friday 7:45 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday & Sunday 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

What do I need to use the computers? And where are they? To use the computers in the library, you need to bring your library card. For VC students, your library card is your student ID (and we issue them in the library). For UHV students, your library card is your Paw Pass. Before you start using the computers, you have to stop by the check out desk on the first floor to establish your library account or have it updated. The library has 36 computers on the first floor for anyone to use and 8 computers on the second floor only for students. You can use the computers anytime the library is open.

Does the library have my textbook? Probably not. We do not purchase textbooks for all the courses. We can’t keep up and our budget can’t either. If your professor is not using an actual textbook there is a possibility we have a single copy, or even an older edition – but the chance is small. If the bookstore is out of your textbook, mention it to your instructor.

Does the library have wireless internet? Yes, you can bring your laptop or other portable device and access the wireless internet. You will need to access it using your VC or UHV computer account.

How much time do I get on the computers? Students have unlimited use of the computers. Every time you login, you will have 2 hours. You can self-extend your session for another hour. Students can have as many sessions in a day as they need.

Can I access by student drive? No. You will not be able to access your Victoria College student drive. UHV does not have individual student network drives. You need to bring a flash drive (aka thumb drive, USB stick, etc) to save your work or you save your work to the desktop and email it to yourself. Our computers are “hard locked” so when you log off, the computer returns to its original state. Any document you saved to the desktop will be erased.keep-calm-and-study-on-199

Am I able to print in the library? If so, how much does it cost? Yes, you can print in the library. The cost is 5 cents per page for students for black and white printouts. Color printouts cost 25 cents per page for students. You can pick up your printouts at the check out desk on the first or second floor. We also have a photocopy machine thatcharges 10 cents per page.  You do not need to bring paper.

Do you have study rooms available? We have 6 study rooms available for students to use. Reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance by calling 361-570-4199. More information about each study room is available through the library website. See http://vcuhvlibrary.uhv.edu/libraryinfo/groupstudy.htm.

Can the librarians help me with my research assignments? YES! The librarians are here to help you be a successful student. If you need help with your research assignment, you can always Ask A Librarian. We can help you via email, over the phone, using online chat or in person. We will teach you how to use the library resources so you find the information you need. You can also check out our library workshop schedule to learn about free classes offered during the semester.

If you have any additional questions please email askalibrarian@uhv.edu or askalibrarian@victoriacollege.edu. Otherwise, you can call 361-570-4166, use our online chat or stop by the library during our hours of operation.

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