Texas Bar Publications

The VC/UHV Library has received some publications produced by The Texas Young Lawyers Association and the State Bar of Texas. The brochures and handbooks are free.  You can choose from the following titles:

  • How to select a lawyer
  • How to sue in small claims court
  • Manual para tramitar un divorcio pro se – “Representandose a si mismo ante el Tribunal de Divorcio”
  • Pro se divorce handbook – “Representing Yourself in Family Court”
  • Tenants’ rights handbook
  • To will or not to will

The State Bar of Texas has a wealth of free information for the public on their website. There is a “Find a Lawyer” search feature along with an onlline library of containing free legal information. Topics covered in the online library include: Consumer & Tenant Rights, Family Law, Elder Law, Veterans, Ethics, Informacion en  Espanol and more.

The Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) also has pamphlets, videos and other materials available online that address  legal issues. The TYLA has resources available the following topics: Consumer Issues, Employers, Family Law, Immigration, Jury Service, Medical Issues and Senior Citizens.

**Please note the staff members at the VC/UHV Library cannot give legal advice but can help you find legal information and publications.

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